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When it’s time to decorate your residence for the holidays, many homeowners prefer to use items that resemble glistening icicles for their tree and décor. It’s hard to capture the beauty of winter without glistening strands of false ice.

Outdoors, however, icicles are far less lovely and can quickly become deadly. Hundreds of people every year get severely injured by falling ice, and some of these accidents get fatal.

One of the trusted ways of preventing ice from forming is by hiring Erie Gutter Service for heated gutter systems. No matter how cold the Erie community gets this winter, you’ll have the peace of mind that you and your family will remain safe throughout the season.

Whether you need to avoid freezing on a ladder all day trying to clear out ice and snow or you’re concerned about keeping your loved ones protected, we can help you with it all for less. Call us now to discuss your heated gutter systems, and we’ll help you save on professional installations.

Heated Gutters Erie
Heated Gutters

How do I keep my gutters from freezing?

Every year, you swear that you’re going to go for heated gutter installation companies. However, by the time October rolls around, you tell yourself you may as well just wait another few months when you have other maintenance items.

However, by then, you’ve already wasted more time during winter trying to break down blocks of ice without damaging your roof. Once you start whacking metal tracks and asphalt shingles, you can quickly cause tons of damage.

Instead, choosing us for your heated gutter installations provides you with lasting protection against ice, snow, and winter moisture damage. When cheap Do It Yourself kits and gimmick products fail to deliver, we provide you with the lasting defense that you deserve.

Many homeowners claim that their new heated system doesn’t work, but it’s nearly always because they didn’t have it set up correctly. Make sure that your heated gutters in Erie PA remain in good hands by calling us first.


Gutters that clog with ice and snow only create more issues during hotter months. Keep your home safe throughout all four seasons and have your heated systems professionally installed with Erie Gutter Service.